Course, Mechanical joints EN 1090-2

Are you one of those people who think that bolts, nuts and washers in steel structures are a difficult area.

The opposite ought to be the case, as the introduction of the Eurocode system has meant that regulations and execution have become increasingly clear in the field of mechanical joints in steel structures according to EN 1090-2.

We have developed a course that is aimed at buyers, designers, supervisors, fitters and inspectors.
The EN 1090-2 standard on the execution of steel and aluminium structures is very clear regarding the use and execution of fasteners in steel structures.

The course also includes practical applications, where we carry out laboratory experiments with the included components and various assembly methods defined in EN 1090-2.
The course does not deal with the calculation and dimensioning element in EN 1993-1-8.

Areas covered regarding fasteners in the EN 1090-2 course:

Guiding regulations
Product requirements
Product standards EN 15048- EN 14399
The roles of designer and buyer
Assembly methods according to EN 1090-2
Laboratory experiments
Control methods